Person filmt Skater

My references

Here you can download my detailed CV. I started making videos at a young age just for fun. Developing the quality of productions and finding a practical use for them was my next step. I came up with making customized videos for special products and asking companies for a sponsership in return. Here you can see my latest projects:

Unabux | Sockenfabrik

My Work: producing, editing


My Work: editing

WMNSurfmag | Surf In Mind

My Work: director, editing, VFX

Unabux | Bring Farbe in dein Leben

My Work: directing, producing, vfx

Heimwegtelefon | Ein Held zu sein ist einfacher als du denkst (Social Spot)

My Work: directing, editing

Bifi | Mach doch, was dir schmeckt. (Spec Spot)

My Work: directing, editing